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New ways of working and more frequent changes in jobs (by necessity or opportunity) require a broader skill set. Soft skills are those that are relevant when looking for a job or position in different environments. NGOs and youth workers in all the countries involved in the project perceive a lack towards such skills (securing finance and sustainability for their initiatives, presentation skills for their causes, strategic planning, understanding of cross-sectoral collaboration) and a lack of a standardised 'set of core competencies for youth work practice'.

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The internship was a unique experience for me. I would say that it has built a foundation for the NGO sector in my mind, with which I can confidently move forward and improve in this sector. As last, I would say: if you see an opportunity from Bfree, be sure to apply, it's worth it!
Valentin Terziev
You made me believe, I can do it. Thank you! You are the kindlers!
Yoanna Nikolova
I spent half a year organizing a charity event with the best possible person for such an endeavor. Yana helped me gain irreplaceable practical experience, which will certainly help me in the future. She developed me in a field that was far away from me, and I am happy that she achieved her goal without difficulty.
Nikol Avramova

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