About us

Bfree Foundation's (Bulgarian Foundation for Research, Education and Entrepreneurship / BFREE /) purpose is development and stimulation of entrepreneurship, volunteering, cultural life and the educational environment in Bulgaria and Europe. Among the priorities of the organization are the development of intercultural dialogue, building links between different cultures, religions, languages ​​and nationalities..
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What is our mission?

The mission of the foundation is to support personal and professional development of young people from Bulgaria and abroad, as well as to encourage their civic activity.

Investing in the development of young people is an important part of their life path. It would help their improvement and further development as independent-minded young people, standing up for their rights, fighting for a better tomorrow.

what we do to achieve our goals

What are our activities?

National and international projects

We organize projects, exchanges, trainings, internship programs, events, festivals and initiatives

Studies and research

Development of training and information materials

Partnerships with other organizations

Through its activities and projects, Bfree invests in young people, stimulating entrepreneurial thinking, initiative and creativity - skills useful in every area of ​​their lives.
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The faces of Bfree:

Yana Traykova

A hopeless dreamer, enthusiast, visionary and traveler. With her relentless energy and crazy ideas, Yana skillfully leads the Bfree team in various challenges. She is a consultant, lecturer, youth worker and project manager with diverse experience focused on youth engagement, the development of intercultural competencies, social entrepreneurship, culture and education.

Yulia Ivanova

Yulia is our tireless working bee. A person with incredible enthusiasm for change for the better, who is not afraid of challenges. Guru in the preparation of all kinds of documentation and writing project proposals. Although often smiling, she always kept the team short and pushed us forward. Her experience in three other NGOs has made her extremely reliable, responsible and organized.

Elitsa Georgieva

Ellie is the most creative person we have ever met. A traveler with extensive experience and well-developed interests. With her energy she can melt even the firmest "ice", and if she sits down to speak with you, you can listen to her for hours. Extremely positive, communicative and active person, who, in addition to all the above, has many years as a manager, trainer and coordinator. Unbelievable, but true - Ellie combines the two worlds.