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“Digital Detox”


Youth exchange “Digital Detox”

Our new project is a youth exchange financed by Erasmus+ programme that will take place in Bulgaria from 11th until 20th of August 2021. 21 young people from Italy, The Netherlands and Bulgaria will get together for 10 days in Lozen, close to Sofia for a project with many different activities, but one main focus.
Youth exchange “Digital Detox”

What is the program?

Digital Detox is focused on the rapid increase in use of technological devices and how to deal with it. People often find themselves “imprisoned” in a digital jail, which excludes them from the real world, real human relationships and magnifies real and even imaginary problems and life choices. We’re good at showing people that life is amazing, we share the ups in life, but we tend to keep the downs for ourselves.

This exchange is about you, and the connections you can build between yourself, the environment and other participants. 

what we do to achieve our goals

During the youth exchange, participants will experience and learn:

How to balance online and offline life;

How to solve technology addiction issue using creative tools;

Rethinking personal values and boost self-esteem;

Practice yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art and storytelling

Soft skills around real dialogue and communication;

Methods of self-reflection and inner work;

Reconnecting with ourselves, others and nature during 36 HOURS WITHOUT DIGITAL DEVICES - OUTDOOR ACTIVITY;

Gain survival skills.

Do you have any questions?

The project is funded by Erasmus+, allowing us to cover travel, accommodation and meals for all participants. Можете да намерите повече информация за проекта и критериите за допустимост тук.

You have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at: ask.bfree.projects@gmail.com.