YE Digital Detox – A life changing experience

What happens when you bring 21 young people and take away their devices (even if it’s for only 36 hours)? We’ll tell you – pure magic, true connections and creation of life time memories.

The Youth exchange “Digital Detox” was implemented in the summer of 2021 in Lozen, Bulgaria, with the financial support of Erasmus+. If you want to learn more Erasmus+ opportunities you can check here (Do it! You’ll thank us later!)

In this article we’ll share the experience of 21 young people from Bulgaria, Italy and the Netherlands. And we’ll share it with their own words:

I decided to participate in the Digital Detox project because after the hard times of coronavirus, I had the feeling to try a new experience and get out of what was the comfort zone at that time.

I heard before about the Youth exchanges, but I never applied, so the topic of this particular one was fitting to me and also my field of study, so I finally decided to give it a try.

~ Andrea

Initially, I just wanted to meet new people and practice my English. But what I experienced exceeded my expectations.

~ Alex

I was afraid I would not fit in since I’m a very mental person. Instead I was accepted with open arms and for who I am.

~ Lars

The entire project and all the dynamics involved had been very intense under so many aspects and we have been through a lot both speaking in terms of eye-opening lessons on communication and how we perceive other people’s stories and emotionally too.

~ Sarah

During the youth exchange many things happened: I got to know many people from different countries, I learned a lot from the activities we did (I especially remember meditation) and I also grew as an European citizen. From this experience I learned that there is always time to improve and have good times in an open and positive environment

~ Alberto

During the project, I learned a lot about the impact of electronic devices on our lives, and how to reduce their use.

~ Stanimir

I gained the skill to not feel obliged to be online and available at all times.

~ Maria

And the idea of putting aside my digital devices for sometime has stayed with me even after the project and it has proven to be quite liberating


As the closing remarks of my story, I never expected this project to be so life-changing and impactful for me. Towards the end of it, I felt like a completely different person than I was before. I was way more positive and hopeful that many of such experiences would follow and that life is just a rollercoaster and that you should just enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts.

~ Dilyan

Take part in these projects, they are a great opportunity to leave your comfort zone and grow as a person.

~ Natalia

Believe in your dreams, they might come true. And act on your dreams, since nothing has ever been done without action.

~ Bram

Just as we took action about ours and we created this unforgettable project.


If you’re interested in what happened during this exchange to provoke such emotions – you can check the page of the project, where you’ll find more detailed description, photos and a video that recreates just a small part of this amazing experience.

We also have created a booklet that can help you create such an experience for more young people around the world!