Nickname: V@zov


Nickname: V@zov

Nickname: V@zov is a multidisciplinary project that was born within the pilot edition of the Academy for Visionaries, organized by Sofia Municipality. A group of young people, led by experienced mentors (Svetlana Lomeva and Lyubov Kostova), developed a series of related activities to promote Bulgarian literature and provoke the interest of young and old to classical authors, because they are not boring - they are studied in a boring way .
Because Bulgarian authors are not boring.

What is the program?

The project Nickname: V@zov aims to change the attitude of young people in the capital by "speaking" their language and presenting Ivan Vazov in an unknown light - as the author of the first fantasy story in Bulgarian literature. 

Inspired by the story "The Last Day of the 20th Century", the project will raise important topics in various areas (recycling / reuse of resources, the benefits of reading and the role of technology in the modern world) and will encourage young people to use their free time for creative activities. the field of literature and visual arts.

How we chose the name

Why Nickname: V@zov?

Because with his fantasy story he once again proves that he was a visionary. What better nickname can the future visionaries, who we want to attract through the project, choose, apart from - V@zov?

Every visionary who recognizes the idea of ​​the project will have the opportunity to get involved in one or more of the activities, that are part of it.


What activities does the project involve?

Competition for visual projects - 10.07. - 12.08. 2021 г.

Workshop for creative recycling (upcycling) on 07.07.2021 г.

Literary competition - 10.07. - 12.08. 2021 г.

Workshop for creative writing on 23.07.2021 г.

Event - interactive exhibition to mark the anniversary (100 years since Vazov's death) - 22.09.2021 г.

The creative writing workshop will give guidance and valuable advice to young people who want to try something new.

What are the competitions?

The literary competition

It will provoke the creativity of the participants in the different age groups (8 years - 15 years; 16 years - 25 years; 26 years +) with unusual categories:

The competition for visual projects

Aims to provoke the imagination of the participants, setting the theme "The last day of the 21st century - real or fantastic?". The categories of the competition will be:



Do you have any questions?

The project "Nickname: V@zov", part of the "Academy for Visionaries" is implemented by Yana Traykova, Lyuba Popova, Emanuela Slaveykova, Tatiana Hadjiivanova, Sofia Ivanova with the financial support of Sports and Youth Activities Directorate of Sofia Municipality.

Project partners: Sofia Lab Development Association, Bfree Foundation, Amalgama.